Decision Research Corporation

UI Developer

June - August 2018 • Honolulu, HI

What I liked

I loved the company culture of Decision Research Corporation, they were very welcoming, informative, and helpful. For the internship program, I enjoyed the hands-on learning and the flexibility of the program that allowed me to gain the experience that would be most helpful to me in my future endeavors.

What I wish was different

Because it was DRC's first summer internship curriculum, parts of the company seemed unprepared for the interns. I wish certain aspects of the program had been more structured.


I would advise anyone looking for internships at DRC or anywhere else to be very aware and clear on what you want to gain and how the internship can help you. I knew exactly what I wanted to learn from the experience and how it would help me in my future career, so I was able to be clear with DRC about my intentions and get exactly what I needed from the experience.
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