Defense Threat Reduction Agency

About Defense Threat Reduction Agency

DTRA, through its trans-regional focus and strong partnerships, protects U.S. National Security interests in a rapidly evolving, globalized threat environment to enable a greater understanding of our adversaries and provide solutions to WMD threats in an era of Global Power Competition.

The current Department of Defense Strategy for Countering Weapons of Mass Destruction focuses on reducing incentives; increasing barriers; managing risk; and denying the effects of current and emerging WMD threats through layered, integrated defenses.
For DTRA, to counter and deter WMD and emerging threats in the pursuit of these objectives includes initiatives across the continuum of competition and conflict – both left and right of “incident,” or adversary use of WMD.

DTRA focuses on a specific class of threat: Weapons of Mass Destruction, which include chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear agents with the potential to hold U.S. and allied interests at significant risk. The nature of WMD has changed since the Cold War, with ever-increasing complexity in development, delivery method, and attribution. While our portfolio is more complex than ever, the Agency continues to anticipate emerging threats and provide solutions to keep our adversaries at bay.

DoD established DTRA to integrate expertise and capabilities against the real and ever-evolving threat of the proliferation and use of WMD. We serve two distinct, yet highly integrated roles as both a Defense Agency and a Combat Support Agency.


Wargaming Intern

June 2022 - June 2022 Monterey, CA
“I really enjoyed the lecture opportunities I received. We had multiple guests lecturers from former Aid to the Secretary of Defense, to a CIA Covert Operative. We learned about nuclear effects and deterrence, the US nuclear strategy, game theory, and how to create a wargame based off a given scenario. I enjoyed the freedom given to us to explore the content and the resources available for the construction of our wargame. ”
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