Degrenne North America

Summer Help/Secretary

May 2019 • New Brunswick, NJ

What I liked

Working at Degrenne North America has been a pleasure! Great location (near College Ave), great pay, and such a great atmosphere. The company is full of incredibly intelligent and kind individuals who made my experience comfortable and fun! I would recommend this job for any student who is looking for work and wants to gain knowledge about the food service industry. Degrenne NA works well with students' outside schedules as well, I worked here for the summer and never felt overwhelmed between my other job. Degrenne NA is also a global company so becoming exposed to European food service marketing was awesome. The work was never difficult, mainly filing and some computer tasks. My responsibilities included printing, copying, and filing invoices/orders, and occasionally I worked on company projects. I truly loved working for Degrenne NA, and would recommend to any student!

What I wish was different


I would advise to be very attentive, even though they are always willing to lend a hand, I did not want to bother them with idiotic questions. Also, one could learn a lot about the company and their products just by reading through the invoices, orders, and catalogs.
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