Delaware Valley Concrete

Quality Control

May - August 2019 • Hatboro, PA

What I liked

While working at DVC there were a lot of different things I enjoyed while I was there. For one, the freedom that the job allows. You have a schedule with different job sites that you need to visit in order to do the work, but until then you can pretty much enjoy some free time. On the job, you learn more than just what you're required to know and you to be hands on with the work. Also while you're there, they train you to know the job, but also enroll you in a class ( that they pay for) where you can become certified in that specific field.

What I wish was different

Although the job came with many benefits, the nature of the job is very demanding. You can be called in to work as early as 4am and leave as late as 6-7pm. There's a lot of heavily lifting and pressure to understand the job because 2-3 weeks in, you'll be doing the work by yourself. Not to mention that there is a lot of driving involved, some job sites can be anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours away.


This was a very good hands on experience and it shows you first-hand how working at the ground level is. If anybody else were to have the chance to do this internship, I would definitely recommend it, even if they don't plan on doing it full-time or want to go into industrial/ civil engineering.
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