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About EBW Electronics

EBWE designs, develops, and manufactures its Automotive products from a Tier 2 position serving five anchor customers in North America while serving our Industrial customers from a Tier 1 position. EBWE’s primary differentiator is its can-do, problem-solving organization which has driven significant business growth and organizational capability expansion.
EBWE designs and manufactures electro-mechanical systems through its diverse Engineering Teams capable of Electronic, Mechanical, and Software product simulation and design. Primary product offering includes exterior Automotive Lighting Systems, Smart Door Handles, and Industrial Control Systems. Technical product problem solving involves electronic lighting design, thermal management, and mechanical\ optical design. Technical process problem solving involves electronics assembly, automation system design, and highly precise placement tolerances as found in its Automated Active Alignment process, APTEC™.
Having achieved significant growth and healthy diversity in the Automotive Market, EBWE sought to balance its market share with a further 25% of sales from adjacent markets which it accomplished in 2022. This business diversity is the result of EBWE’s problem solving nature resulting in a deepening relationship with a premier industrial customer.


Mechanical Engineering Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Holland, MI
“EBW Electronics does a rotational program for their interns for the first 2 weeks that allows the student to meet people in all parts of the company from executives to manufacturers. This rotation also helps you learn more about the company values. EBW Electronics also has great supervisors that are willing to set aside time for you. My experience was with Nick Emmerich who challenged me greatly, but also helped me become a better critical thinker and engineer.”
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