EDGE by Zag Labs LLC

About EDGE by Zag Labs LLC

Using EDGE helps athletes focus on what they do best without worrying about slip-ups and injuries. Supercharge your agility on the court and put your best foot forward, all game.


Research and Development Chemist

February 2020 - May 2021 Binghamton, NY
“Zag Labs was a great place to work. Everyone was friendly and goal oriented. When I had first started working, I did not have much experience in research. After a few weeks, I saw great improvements. The environment promoted growth both professionally and technically. ”

Marketing Intern

January 2020 - May 2020 Binghamton, NY
“I enjoyed the freedom/creative liberties I was given as an intern. It is not easy to find opportunities like this when starting with little experience. I was given the guidance I needed while maintaining the ability to test my own ideas and learn through trial and error. It felt good to see my work being used and see the contributions I was making to the company.”
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