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Does EF Education First offer a mentorship program?

When I started my position as a TA, I had a mentor who oversaw most of the TAs and made sure we were doing ok. He was extremely approachable. However, he didn’t really spend time checking on each of us because there were many TAs. I think It was important for me to be a good self starter.
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Not sure if this was answered in the application, but are interns paid if they work for EF Education First?

Being an EF Tours Global Student Leaders Intern is an unpaid position. However, the experiences you gain through this position make the cost of attendance well worth it. As an intern, I had the opportunity to meet and talk with my literary hero, Nicholas Kristof (who happened to be one of the key...
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Can someone talk about their accounting internship at EF Education First--both inside and outside of work.

A day in the life of an accounting intern goes something like this. My first day of work just happened to be during an employee appreciation event. I was greeted warmly at the door by ambassadors there for the event, and given told I was a valued employee and given a small piece of EF themed merc...
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