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About Eightfold AI

Eightfold was founded with a vision to solve for employment in our society. For decades, the connection between individuals and opportunities has been based on who the individuals are and the strength of their network, vs. their potential. Eightfold leverages artificial intelligence to transform how to think about skills and capabilities for individuals as well as how jobs and career decisions are made. Eightfold offers the industry’s first AI-powered Talent Intelligence Platform to transform how organizations plan, hire, develop and retain a diverse workforce, enabling individuals to transform their career. was co-founded by Ashutosh Garg, a PhD in Machine Learning/IIT Delhi alumni who managed Search and Personalization at Google, and Varun Kacholia, an IIT Bombay alumni, who led the News Feed Ranking team at Facebook and developed YouTube Search at Google.

To date, Eightfold AI has received more than $410 million in funding and a valuation of over $2B from leading investors to further our mission of finding the right career for everyone in the world. Our customers and the Press Coverage are a true testimony to our mission.

If you are passionate about solving one of the most fundamental challenges of our society - employment, working on hard business problems and being part of an amazing growth story - Eightfold is the place to be!


Sales Engineering Intern

June 2019 - August 2019 Mountain View, CA
“Very positive work environment, exciting day to day interactions, and it allowed me to explore a topic I am interested in. ”
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