Elbit Systems of America

About Elbit Systems of America

Elbit Systems of America, LLC is a U.S.-based wholly owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems Ltd., a leading global source of innovative, technology based systems for diverse defense and commercial applications.

MISSION: We provide innovative solutions that protect and save lives

VISION: Create a safer and healthier world by being the trusted provider of choice for critical missions and needs.

VALUES: Values represent the fundamental beliefs that define how we conduct business. They are principles that reflect the company’s culture and guide internal conduct, as well as relationships with customers, partners, and stakeholders.

We incorporate ethics, honesty, integrity, and fairness as our guiding principles in our daily work. Harnessing these principles guide us to do the right thing, the first time, even through adversity.

We perform high-quality work knowing that what we do saves lives. We foster an entrepreneurial and collaborative culture, embracing innovation to bring new and disruptive capabilities to those we protect. We constantly look for opportunities to improve ourselves, our teams, and our business.

We foster a fun and inclusive environment of friendship, loyalty, and support for one another, so that Elbit America is an enjoyable and rewarding place to work. We respect people for who they are, and for their knowledge, skills and experience as individuals and as team members. We extend that spirit into our communities through thoughtful volunteer and fundraising activities.

At Elbit America, we grow as professionals by being open to new ideas and technologies. We are willing to share our knowledge and the benefit of our experiences with others. We are transparent in our actions and value diverse thought and perspective. At the same time, we are receptive to learning from the experiences of our colleagues, and are open to considering viewpoints other than our own. We always assume positive intent as others share differing viewpoints. We speak thoughtfully, candidly and listen carefully.

Breakthrough innovations require bold dreamers. We encourage audacious ideas and experimentation. There will be failures, but the lessons of each failure move us closer to success. We ask questions and challenge accepted practices. We empower and hold each other accountable to bring diverse ideas to the table, question assumptions, take balanced risks, and innovate. In doing so, we nurture creativity, drive growth and collaboration while providing space to fail forward.


Systems Engineering Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 Fort Worth, TX
“Very good work culture! There was also a lot of real hands-on work, not busy work! I felt like I got good technological, hardware, and soft skill experience. It was also a hybrid role, so I could work from home some days.”

Accounts Payable Intern

February 2020 - December 2020 Merrimack, NH
“I liked the flexibility of the internship, with being in school full time the company worked with my class schedule and was very understanding when it came to school work. I also liked how much trust my coworkers placed in me with allowing me to do the same work my peers were doing, and challenging me with other tasks and roles. ”
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