People Success Intern

June - August 2018 • Mountain View, CA

What I liked

Overall, my experience at Elementum was very positive. I had a great manager who was very hands on and collaborative while also giving me the autonomy to finish projects on my own time. I loved the company culture and working in an environment where everyone wanted to see you succeed. This internship gave me many opportunities to grow through meeting and collaborating with different members of the department. Elementum was a company that fosters a learning environment.

What I wish was different

Because the length of my internship was short, it was tough for me to dive into many large projects and I found a lot of the tasks were very ad hoc or administrative. I do wish that I could have taken on more projects that were more challenging.


Before you start an internship I think it is best to have a meeting with your manager and talk about their managing style as well as how you work best. Because I was able to have this conversation, my supervisor and I had a really good connection because she respected the type of structure that I needed to work best while I knew what to expect from her.
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