Financial Economics Institute

About Financial Economics Institute

The Financial Economics Institute was founded in 2004 with the idea of providing opportunities for students interested in finance and related areas to build their research skills, and engage with academics studying finance and practitioners working in the world of finance. See our nearby mission and history page.

Through our lab on the third floor of Bauer North, the FEI provides research opportunities for students interested in finance. We match students with professors to work on projects in finance, and provide space, equipment, and other resources necessary to create an environment conducive to high quality collaborative research experiences between students and professors. The lab provides Bloomberg terminals in addition to conventional workstations, and also provides access to a broad range of databases used in academic research. Additional skills development is supported via lab tutors specializing in Excel, Stata, and Python. Since the inception of the FEI, students have collaborated with professors on research projects through the FEI.

The FEI networking events, including the annual New York City networking trip each January, offer students opportunities to learn about career paths in finance, and to make connections with our alumni and others in the profession. Since 2004, students have participated in the NYC trip, visited a broad array of firms in the finance industry, and networked with our New York area alumni. The FEI also sponsors Athenaeum presentations by both academics and practitioners as a means of broadening educational experiences for students interested in finance.

In conjunction with CMCs Financial Economics Sequence, the FEI has been highly effective at promoting student opportunities to learn about finance, develop skills necessary for success, and make connections both inside and outside academia.


Economic Research Assistant

April 2023 - August 2023 Claremont, CA
“I liked the applicability of the research and analysis that I conducted. Apart from this, I felt that there was freedom to work on my own schedule so the experience was very much results driven. ”

Economic Research Analyst

September 2022 Claremont, CA
“I like the collaborative effort of doing and administering research towards studying things I enjoy. ”
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