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Do account executives at Fisher Investments have to work extremely long hours?

No. Work like balance for an Account Executive is amazing. Like the majority of the jobs at Fisher Investments, once the employee clocks off there is no work to be done until being back in the office. Account Executives do all dialing and emailing from the office and are not allowed to take any w...
Finance Sales Work-Life Balance Account Executive Fisher Investments
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Strategies to turn my sales internship at Fisher Investments into a full-time return offer?

To get a full time offer one must progress throughout the internship. This means being interested in learning the ins and outs of Fisher Investments and incorporating that into their sale on the phone. Going out of the interns way asking for more opportunities to listen to tenured Account Executi...
Internship Sales Return Offer Account Executive Fisher Investments
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As an account executive at Fisher Investments, what would you say are the most important traits to have in order to succeed?

First and for most to be successful one must be coachable to excel as an Account Executive. Having finance background is great but learning what makes Fisher Investments such an enticing option for high net worth individuals, takes time to fluidly explain over the phone. Being able to take comple...
Finance Sales Skillset Account Executive Fisher Investments
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What's a typical day for an associate at Fisher Investments like?

A typical day at Fisher Investments started out with driving over to Camas, WA early in the morning. I usually would work from 7am-3pm on a typical day, and there were various goals that I had each day when I arrived to work as a junior associate in client programs. I had to get as many confirm...
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Could you speak about your experience interviewing at Fisher Investments for an associate role?

If you are possibly trying to get an interview with Fisher, I would suggest being very transparent with them and highlight what you have learned from both accomplishments and failures. It is very important to ask questions while being interviewed on site at Fisher, and they appreciate people bei...
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Necessary skills to succeed at a firm like Fisher Investments?

In order to succeed at Fisher Investments, you have to be prepared to show up every day with a positive and can do attitude. Fisher rewards people who show that they care about their job and continue to perform very well, and I think it is vital to bring your best every day to work. It is impor...
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How would you describe upper management at Fisher Investments?

The upper management at Fisher ensures that all of their employees receive the support they need to not only perform well with their job, but to also help the firm grow and prosper. Fisher gives corporate meetings and even seminars on the scope of the firm, and also training on how to be the bes...
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