Social Media Intern

June - August 2022 • Baltimore, MD

What I liked

The entire team was very welcoming, understanding, and supportive throughout my internship with Flave; I was given free range to create content that would engage their audience. The team discusses new ideas to better improve their company and social media presence. As a social media intern you will not be limited to only social media but also will be introduced to the design/creation aspect of the app during meetings as well as creating posting schedules for the media, formulating subscription emails, etc. Any and all of your ideas/input will be genuinely listened to and considered. It was an easy-going work environment which made tasks enjoyable!

What I wish was different

I liked everything about my experience


Do not be afraid to share any of your ideas or speak your mind, everyone is happy to have you and excited to hear the fresh and cool ideas you will bring to the table.
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