Galindo & Associates, P.C.

Assistant Paralegal

May - August 2019 • Houston, TX

What I liked

I worked closely with highly skilled employees that have each taught me important lessons. I admired Mr. Galindo’s hard work to help the Hispanic community. I aspire to reflect the slogan “El Abogado de la Raza” in my own work and help my local Hispanic communities as he does. I also would like to thank Lupita Betancourt for mentoring me, as she taught me various types of immigration laws and life lessons that I am sure I will find useful. I gained various skills from customer service to persuasive speaking skills. I was able to see how unfair the Immigration Justice system is, but I also saw how this team fought against that. Thanks to the incredible people at Cristobal M. Galindo PC, I've grown not only professionally, but also personally. I would like to give back to my community the same that I have seen by telling others the importance of a college education because it is often undermined in the Hispanic community. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to intern at the Cristobal M. Galindo Law Firm and excited to see what the future holds!

What I wish was different



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