What would you say are essential skills to have if I want to to succeed as a Data Science Intern for Gartner?

Knowledge in Statistic modeling, machine learning and natural language processing, programming skills in Python, SQL and basic knowledge of Linux, Hadoop, and Spark.
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Hey everyone, any tips you can share before my interview for an internship at Gartner?

Highlight you have had client facing experience and can work in a team/ collaborative environment. During the interview, they want to see that you would work well in a team as well as be very coachable. They don’t expect you to know everything, but you can take feedback and implement it.
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What do consultants at Gartner do on the daily?

My day as an independent consultant will differ from others, as each project is different, in terms of scope and clientele. With that said, I arrived at the site around 7:30 and started administering the assessments at 8. The After a completed assessment, the other assessor and myself would com...
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What effect does my role as a Data Science Intern have on Gartner's mission as a company?

CEB helps their customers analyze data and making business strategies. As a data sci intern, you get to handle an independent project. Depending on the project, you might take over someone else's code, learn it and improve it, or brainstorm from the very beginning to contribute ideas and making p...
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Can I expect to have a good work-life balance as a Data Science Intern at Gartner, Inc?

A very good work-life balance! We have office parties, ping-pong games, computer tennis games and so on.
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Would you say Gartner is a good place to kick start one's career?

Gartner is a great place to kick start a career. The program is fantastic even if you realize sales is not for you. You gain a lot of skills. You are directly communicating with c-level people from a really wide range of companies. Gartner’s name is held in high regard in the business world. You ...
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