Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center


May - August 2019 • Nashville, TN

What I liked

It was a very fast paced environment which I always love. The shop was at the heart of the hotel , so it was hot commodity. Since it was a hotel, we had guests who would come in every day, and some of them were even there for a few weeks. This allowed us to actually get to know them and hear their stories which was really quite interesting. I also loved making the drinks there so much that I got another job doing it here at Covenant.

What I wish was different

There were many problems with the managers that were taken to HR. The shop I worked in was run by seven managers, all at varying levels of authority, and they never discussed what instructions they had given out. This resulted in other mangers becoming angry with employees. We were just doing what we were told.


Make friends at work. They really help in the experience of it all and have your back if something goes wrong or if you need a shift covered.
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