General Atlantic


May - August 2019 • New York City, NY

What I liked

The summer was a truly exceptional and unique internship in the growth equity space. GA is a global growth equity firm based in NYC. In my summer, I was a sourcing analyst on the technology team. This meant that I was tasked with finding great tech companies that GA may be interested in investing in today or in the future. Each week I found companies in the Cloud/Data subsector using LinkedIn, Crunchbase and other sites/networks. Then I emailed their CEO explaining who GA is, and asked them to hop on a call. On the call you develop a filter and try and determine if this business would be a good investment opportunity. In the summer I had the chance to evaluate dozens of businesses, elevate them to the team, and ask for feedback on why it is a good/bad company. It is very rare to be able to think like an investor this early in your career, so there was plenty to learn. Overall it was a supportive environment where the senior professionals sat down with us to teach us how to source companies, evaluate them, and support the portfolio. We also had plenty of lunch-and-learns, dinners, and opportunities to socialize with the team outside of work. It's a growing firm and there are plenty of opportunities to grow as a young investor.

What I wish was different

I wish we had a bit more exposure to the execution work that associates do, but that will come in the full-time program.


Thinking like an investor early in your career is invaluable and the people at GA are very invested in serving as mentors. Demonstrate curiosity, a willingness to learn, and take on extra projects and you'll do well!
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