Genesislevel Modeling Company

office manager and assistant to CEO

March - August 2019 • Washington, DC

What I liked

I loved the team. The industry is fast-paced and exciting and my company/boss gave me a lot of responsibility from the jump. I met lots of amazing people and got my foot in the door for my future in the industry and modeling.

What I wish was different

I just wish I lived closer to the job so my commute was easier, but there were no issues with the job itself


What I have learned is that no matter how new you are or how inexperienced you feel, you should always be confident in suggesting things that could improve or help the company, as long as it is done so in a manner that shows you care about and enjoy the company. In my second week I observed things that sparked ideas and if I had never suggested them, I may not have had the success and respect that I did at the company. It shows confidence and passion and above all, the employer should appreciate any help you can give.
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