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About Gleason Works

Gleason is The Total Gear Solutions Provider of the machines, tooling, processes, services and technologies needed to produce bevel and cylindrical gears found virtually everywhere -- from automobiles and airplanes to trucks and tractors; from giant wind turbines that can power a thousand homes, to the lawn mowers and power tools found at these homes.

No wonder more gear manufacturers worldwide find the solution with Gleason. With customers on almost every continent and locations in over 25 countries, Gleason stands alone in its ability to deliver Total Gear Solutions to solve customer challenges anywhere in the world. Gleason is the only company that can offer solutions for the production and inspection of the complete range of gear types, sizes and production requirements.

These products include gear and pinion cutting and grinding machines, tooling and test equipment needed to produce and inspect the bevel gear sets used in the axles found in vehicles as diverse as Mercedes automobiles to mining equipment. They include cylindrical gear cutting and grinding machines – and the cutting tools and grinding wheels they use – to produce the gears found in the most advanced vehicle transmission, to gears several meters in diameter for massive mining equipment weighing hundreds of tons, and wind turbines of ever-increasing size and capacity.

In addition, no other company in our industry has invested as much in the new technologies, manufacturing, service and support infrastructure and worldwide presence needed to respond to the new global manufacturing landscape. Gleason's worldwide corporate headquarters, and manufacturing operations, are based in Rochester, New York, USA. Additional manufacturing facilities are strategically located in Rockford, Illinois and Dayton, Ohio, USA; Munich and Ludwigsburg, Germany; Bangalore; India; Studen, Switzerland; and Suzhou, China and Niigata, Japan. Still more sales and service offices as well as Technical Support Centers can be found throughout North and South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

Gleason is a company always moving forward – and always finding new ways to be The Total Gear Solutions Provider.


Manufacturing Engineer

June 2018 Rochester, NY
“All of my direct coworkers are fantastic and create a really great environment. I’ve been able to learn a lot about how things are manufactured for tooling and work-holding for cylindrical and bevel gear machining. I have the opportunity to get my hands in several different types of projects. After my initial co-op with them, I continued part time during school semesters and over the summer they offered me a full time job! They worked with me to work at an equivalent hourly rate for the salary they offered me ($59,000) to continue during the current semester. I was then able to get health insurance as my parents insurance stopped covering me on my 23rd birthday (in July); military insurance. I am required to work 20 hours to keep health insurance but my course work doesn’t take up all my free time so I’m usually able to do that with no issues and am able to do homework at work. ”

Manufacturing Intern

January 2018 - August 2018 Rochester, NY
“It was a good company that provided an engineering opportunity in a field I am passionate about.”
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