Glenwood Hot Springs

About Glenwood Hot Springs

We make people feel better.

On the grounds of the World's Largest Hot Springs Pool we offer a 107 room lodge, water slides, mini golf, a premier athletic club, and the spectacular Spa of the Rockies. In the tradition of the West, the complete renovation of the historic sandstone bathhouse is a tribute to the spiritual beauty of this majestic landscape.

There really is something in the water. Fifteen minerals that do a body good. For generations, our rich minerals have been soothing and restoring all who swim, soak and play here. The spring that fills the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool still delivers three and a half million gallons of hot water every day, in a rhythm as reliable as the sunrise and the seasons. And winter, spring, summer and fall, Mother Nature's hospitality and her potent waters are here for our guests, young and old alike. That hasn't changed since 1888. Glenwood Hot Springs Pool has been a sanctuary of relaxation and fun for over a century. Check us out on YouTube at .



August 2015 Glenwood Springs, CO
“The staff and the guests were what made this job super enjoyable.”
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