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If I have an upcoming interview for a swim instructor or lifeguard position at Goldfish Swim School, what should I know?

If you have no swimming background, that is okay! Goldfish will provide all the proper training in order for you to succeed. Make sure that you focus on customer service and give examples on how you managed or confronted anything customer service related. Go in with a smile and do your research! ...
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What's a day in the life like for those that are both swimming instructors and lifeguards at Goldfish Swim School?

You normally have a 4 hour shift, my evening classes I had to be there at 3:30 and I would leave a little after 7:30. They have changing rooms that you can switch into your bathing suit, they also have showers that you can use to rinse off the chlorine. After you go through training you will have...
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How would you describe the company culture at Goldfish Swim School?

The company culture was very welcoming and inviting. I felt very much at home when I was at Goldfish, but it was also a very competitive culture as well, I knew that there were always opportunities for me to succeed and grow in my experience there and I was thankful for that.
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Looking for people with experience who can share their insight into the interview process for a swim instructor position at Goldfish Swim School!

It was a two step interview process.Step one: I met with a manager and had a 20 minute interview. They reviewed my resume and asked questions in regards to my priority experience with children, swimming or work in general.Step two: I was given a handbook at the end of my interview and was told to...
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