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About Goodwin Partners LLP

Goodwin Partners LLP is a non-traditional accounting firm dedicated to serving small and large clients. The firm has increased its service offerings and is focused on delivering services in three major areas- Tax services, Accounting and Bookkeeping Services and Transactional Consulting Services. In addition to providing compliance services, our goal is to provide solutions to a client's tax problems, both short and long term. We also assist growing businesses with their financial needs, serving as bookkeepers/recordkeepers, and as chief financial officer where appropriate. With our extensive business experience we can help entrepreneurs produce business plans, obtain financing and capital, and develop strategic plans for their businesses.


Student Intern

January 2019 - February 2019 Burlington, MA
“The atmosphere was fantastic as well as the employees and employers. They made me feel at home and very comfortable. I was able to ask many questions if I was unsure and they would always explain everything in great detail. I would recommend this for freshman and everyone in between. ”
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