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Will I have a 9am-5pm lifestyle during my internship at Google?

Work-life balance is more of a personal choice. It depends a lot on what your goals are, how competitive your are, and how much of a workload you have. Usually, I tend to see younger employees staying at the company much longer than the older employees, who usually have a family of their own. But...
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Should I expect some sort of mentorship program once I start my internship at Google?

All Interns are assigned at least one host, who would have regular one on one meetings with you and you can discuss anything with him or her whenever you like, sometimes even if it's not work-related at all.
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To be exact, what does an Engineering Practicum Intern do at Google?

The deal with the Engineering Practicum (EP) internship is that it's the name for a type of intern in terms of level of support, not in terms of what you'll be doing. Applying for the EP internship as opposed to the standard software engineering one guarantees you some things: a match with a proj...
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I would be interested to hear your experience working at Google! How's the culture there?

The culture at Google is like an over-sized start-up. It's a large company with small company values, which is great. They work hard and play hard and the people are super smart but don't take themselves seriously. If you're interested in working there, look up their values; they take them rea...
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What would you say were your favorite, and least favorite aspects of being an intern at Google?

I’d say overall most people enjoy their experience as an intern at Google. You get to work with and meet a lot brilliant engineers, while also enjoying the various social events they put on for interns. The main complaint people have about being an intern is that you’re not always given the most ...
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Tips for a technical interview at Google?

- Definitely have some experience with reading and writing code. - Practice explaining what you're writing/thinking. As a part of the technical interview, you are evaluated on how well you are able to convey your ideas to the interviewer. - The best approach to nailing the technical interview the...
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In what ways would you say the work you do at Google contribute to its overall mission?

I assume you're referring to the mission to "organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful." An individual Googler's role in this depends greatly on what she's working on. Obviously, Search and Knowledge teams tend to be more involved with the "organize" part, b...
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What is your perspective on what it takes to succeed at Google, whether you work in their software division team or not?

This depends a lot on your project and team, which I address a bit in my response you your next question. Of course, if you do good work, make progress, and don't repeatedly make the same mistakes in code you submit for review, your host and team are likely to be happy and give you a good review...
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How do I get an internship at Facebook, Google or other top tech companies?

Do as many practice interviews as possible! Leetcode, Hackerrank, and plenty more online resources are extremely helpful for preparation. Another tip is to take as many interviews as you can. There's nothing like being in the actual environment, with someone asking you a question that you've neve...
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What are some general tips you have before my interview at Google?

Previous internships are important to be highlighted, as well as previous coding experiences such as hackathons and other coding competitions. Google doesn't value only the academics and having a diversified resume, with activities not related only to Software development is also relevant.
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Is it common to get help from the upper level of management at Google?

You will get the same support from upper management that a regular employee gets. Most of your support will come from your team, your team's manager, your intern host, and the intern program team. All in all, Google provides a lot of support to their interns.
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What does a regular day in the life look like for an Engineering Practicum Intern at Google?

An Engineering Practicum intern is assigned a project along with another EP intern under a full time engineer host. The project is usually challenging and engaging but concise enough so that the interns can finish in 12-14 weeks. Hosts have regular meetings with their intern pairs or “pods” to en...
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How do I get a marketing internship at Google or a top PR firm?

In general, marketing interviewers want to see that you have high energy, strong communication skills and a pure passion for the subject. If you are applying to a particular agency or brand, get familiar with their work prior to the interview. I find that it impresses interviewers when you name-d...
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How likely is it that as an undergraduate working at Google I will get a return offer? Does anyone know?

Google rarely makes full-time offers after an internship because they want you to finish your school first. My recommendation is to become a repeat intern if possible. during your internship(s), show initiative and eagerness to learn. Be a team player. When you graduate, apply for their IT Reside...
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Might be obvious, but what does a software engineer intern at Google do? Tasks, projects, and even fun events are welcome

The software engineer intern will work on real projects at Google. In my internship, I worked on a team that was developing an app. I was given the first week to learn the language being used and after that got bugs to fix and features to develop myself. Keep in mind that you're not going to be t...
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Generally for a software engineering intern, what would describe the day in the life like at Google?

A day in a SWE intern life is similar to that of any other full time software engineers. Google doesn't have a specific time for when you need to be in or out of the office. There are people who would come in at 11 AM, others at 8 AM. The time of arrival or departure is not really important becau...
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Do you know if I will have 100% ownership over my project as an intern at Google?

This one depends on your project at Google. If you're given your own project, expect full ownership. That being said, make sure to clearly document your work and meet with your mentor(s) often to discuss what you've been doing. If you run into any roadblocks, ask for help. It's better (for everyo...
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Odd question, but what level of recognition do you get with your coding project at a big company like Google?

You have credit for any code you write at the company, but keep in mind that you would be a Google employee, so the code that you write during your internship belongs to Google.
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How is success measured from a software engineering perspective at Google?

Beyond the usual technical expertise, the most important skill would be communication. In order to work well with others, you need to understand their opinions and be fully able to express your own. In order to get good performance reviews, you need to keep your manager in the loop of what is goi...
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In Google's AdWorks division, what are some roles and tasks available for someone interested in that?

I work on behalf of Google to help grow marketing agencies AdWords presence. So I work directly with about 60 marketing agencies, I help them work on their AdWords accounts (data analysis), and grow their accounts (sales).
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