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About GoWELL Education

GoWELL Education is an international education company focused on offering learning experiences for students of all ages. It has built a strong track record in offering short-term academic programs of leading U.S. universities, collaborating with divisions in UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, UCLA and NYU. Gowell markets and manages the overall logistics of these programs, helping ensure a memorable and inspiring experience for students.

The company is also the developer of the award-winning online language learning platforms, GoChinese and GoEnglish, with school users around the world. It also works with education leaders such as Pearson, British Council and the ACT.

Gowell was co-founded by Linda Wu, a graduate of Brown University and a former investment banker and corporate CFO. Together with advisors and a management team that has had the benefit of a great education, Linda would like to share this experience with students around the world. Gowell's head office is located in Hong Kong, with subsidiaries in the U.S. and China. |


Language Partner

July 2022 Davis, CA
“I greatly enjoyed interacting with the students and being able to participate in mutually-beneficial individual conversations with the students about their experiences in high school, their preparation and hopes for college, their passions, and their perspectives on myriad topics. I found that despite the great geographical distance between myself and the students, we shared many similarities, whether academical or interest-wise. Linda Wu and her fellow associates provide guidance and stability as leaders, as well as flexibility when necessary. Although professional, she is approachable and encouraging toward her employees and students. The result of her efforts is an extremely healthy work environment that not only ensures productivity but that the experience is enjoyable. ”

Program Assistant

July 2022 - November 2022 Davis, CA
“Linda Wu is a great businesswomen and a fantastic supervisor. I truly enjoyed working with her as she is driven, passionate for the company’s mission and her students, and strong-willed. I also enjoyed talking to the students one-on-one about college, majors, student campus life, their interests, and transitioning into the university. ”
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