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We're a fast growing, EdTech company whose platform allows prospective students to have live, 1:1 video calls with current students. Through our platform, we help prospective students learn more about college options, determine school fit, and find their dream school. GradGab helps prospective students explore more colleges, for less, and makes this discovery available to everyone, regardless of location, financial situation, or existing network.

Our mission is to promote education equity, access, and readiness for prospective students everywhere. We hope that you will join our team to help promote these core values and make a difference!

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Go-To-Market Intern

June 2020 New York City, NY
“Interning at GradGab has been such a fantastic experience. The founders all work extremely hard and even then they are always there to help and discuss ideas with you. They create a fun, relaxing, and collaborative working environment, which makes me proud to be a member of the team. If you're looking to grow a lot personally, GradGab is certainly the place. My work here has always been very interesting, and it definitely encourages an out of the box thinking mindset. Since this internship is remote, it also perfectly works with my schedule. I am honestly so grateful to have joined such a fun, talented, hardworking, and supportive community to help change the way prospective students explore colleges! GradGab is truly the best!”

Student Mentor

July 2020 Somerville, MA
“GradGab has been such an awesome experience. It's been so convenient and flexible for me as a college student because I have been able to find convenient times to have these conversations. To be honest, it is a really fun time because these high school students are just looking to learn about my school in a really chill way, so I just get to talk to them almost as if they're a sibling by recounting stories. Of course, answering specific questions about academics, culture, and resources is part of it but that aspect is cool too, because you get this sense of giving back by helping the next generation. The app is so easy to use and the features are so nice and simple. Overall, the simplicity of the work, the convenience per my schedule, and the great amount of pay make GradGab the most valuable job I have ever held. ”
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