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What was the level of work-life balance you had while working for Grant Street Group?

My position was full time, but I think they may also offer part time internships as well. They allowed me to take my days off for vacation when I told them in advance. Grant Street has an interesting/flexible office model where many people work remotely or from home. As an intern I did not really...
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Help! Good questions to ask a recruiter from Grant Street Group at a local job fair?

-What solutions does Grant Street Group software give its clients? -Who are the clients of their software? -How much would the (specific position interested in) have to have working knowledge of computer software: coding, development, etc? Or none at all? -What are some of the projects I would be...
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What was it like being an administrative intern for Grant Street Group?

At Grant Street Group I got to be involved with many different administrative projects. Although they were never intellectually challenging, I was familiarized in many of the general office procedures (phone systems, scheduling, Microsoft Suite, Google Apps, etc.) that everyone needs to know how ...
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What should I mention in my interview with Grant Street Group for their Software Business Analyst Intern role?

The main quality to have and highlight is a strong drive to learn something new, and a willingness to dedicate yourself to the customers. Although you may not have a direct emotional connection to Florida tax offices and their operations, you must be ready to embrace everything about their proces...
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Anyone know how much I can expect to make as an intern at Grant Street Group?

Expected compensation for an incoming college senior in my major with prior internship experience (before taxes) is approximately $23 per hour.
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I can't recall if this is right or wrong, but does Grant Street Group offer a mentorship program?

I am speaking only to the finance/accounting organization, but there was no formal mentorship program when I was at the company. However, there are plenty of experienced folks who are more than happy to help you on an informal basis. I think the key is to demonstrate that you have a willingness...
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How would you rate the culture at Grant Street Group?

The best company culture I've experienced yet. Everybody there is there to make products that people are actively using. They all have more or less one common goal and the way that they work to that goal is through hard work, dedication, and teamwork.
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What did it take for you to excel in your role as a Lead Financial Analyst at Grant Street Group?

There are a variety of skills that are necessary to be successful in the role, but I will focus on the 3 most important ones. The top 3 skills to be successful in a Lead Financial Analyst role are (1) detail orientation (2) ability to communicate to a variety of shareholders and (3) financial mo...
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