Great Basin Bird Observatory

About Great Basin Bird Observatory

To implement our mission, we use a strictly science-based, non-partisan, and non-confrontational approach to further the effectiveness of bird conservation measures. We also value integrity and respect for others, and we use solution-oriented business practices to maintain partnerships with a large variety of entities, including government agencies, Tribes, other non-profit organizations, the private sector.

Great Basin Bird Observatory (GBBO) was registered as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in January 1997 as an independent non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation and understanding of bird populations in the Great Basin and adjoining regions. GBBO considers its role to be a catalyst for bringing together partners in bird monitoring, inventory, and bird habitat conservation planning, as well as for helping advance the skills of citizen scientists in bird conservation and knowledge of the interested public about birds of Nevada.


Avian Point Count Technician

May 2020 - August 2020 Reno, NV
“The people here are amazing and extremely helpful. It is important to network in the Wildlife community and the people I met through GBBO will always remain contacts and close friends even though it was a nontraditional summer experience with COVID-19. This is a awesome place to work and you will experience a totally different part of the world than what you are used to. NV is full of nature, beauty and all sorts of cool experiences. you will drive from Las Vegas to Oregon, so be prepared to see all of Nevada and the great birds and wildlife that comes with it. ”
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