Greek America Foundation

Humanitarian Volunteer

July 2019 • Chios, North Aegean Region

What I liked

It was an incredible opportunity to see another part of the world. I worked for a month as an English teacher in a NGO school just outside the fence of a major refugee camp on the island of Chios, Greece. It taught me incredible things about suffering, human resiliency, and hope. It also taught me an incredible amount about my own limits as an individual.

What I wish was different

I wish I could have worked with kids individually and not only in a classroom setting. I think that tutoring one-on-one could have been incredibly beneficial. Also, I wish we would've worked with some of the other NGOs on the island in cooperative efforts.


I would advice those interested that this is a sacrificial trip. You will think less of yourself on a daily basis as you strive to understand the people around you and how they came to that situation. I advise those applying to be cautious of how they deal with stress and others' suffering. You will be stretched, so make sure you've got a couple good self-care techniques that will keep you healthy during your time volunteering.
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