Greenwich House

Yoga Teacher

July - August 2019 • New York City, NY

What I liked

I enjoyed working with a variety of age ranges to teach them the important skills of listening to the body and breathing. Also having to get creative with the exercises to ensure that the kids stayed focused.

What I wish was different

Every week I had new students and some old students so it was difficult to get to know each students interests in yoga and strengths and weaknesses. I would have preferred to have the same group for the month to be able to give them individualized lessons (this is possible during the school year but not summer camp).


What is most important about teaching yoga to children is making sure that they have a positive experience associated with the practice. Yoga is a practice that is helpful at all life stages. To ensure that the students continue with their practice throughout their life, they must enjoy their first introduction to it. That means lots of yoga games!
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