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About ID Public Relations

Established in 1993, ID began as a boutique publicity firm with only a handful of clients. Today, we are a fully-integrated agency representing hundreds of clients including many of the world’s leading actors, films, and filmmakers, musicians, brands, technology and production companies and corporations.

ID is home to an innovative group of communications strategists who work in highly customized teams designed to bring forth the best level of experience and expertise to drive measurable results. With these hybrid teams, we ensure that the most creative approach is taken when addressing the client's goals as they relate to branding, communication and media.

Our synergistic culture revolves around the core values of respect, collaboration and personal growth, fostered by a supportive team dynamic, open communication and creative opportunity. Our passion for our work is matched only by our unbridled vision: we translate our ideas, insight and skills into results for our clients every day.


Public Relations Intern

June 2021 - August 2021 New York City, NY
“This internship was virtual so even though I was technically working for the New York office, I could collaborate with the LA office as well. This allowed me to deal with a greater variety of projects across brands, content and talent. Furthermore, the intern team was just 6 people so we got to collaborate and network on a deeper level rather than superficial networking. We learned each other's interests and strengths so we could support each other in the work process. We also got the opportunity to work on leadership and communication skills.”
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