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About Illinois JusticeCorps

People coming to court without lawyers often do not know where to go, what to ask for or who to see for documents. They often are confused, intimidated and scared. JusticeCorps members serve as guides to make the courts more welcoming and less intimidating to people who are navigating this complex and daunting system. JusticeCorps assistance allows people to accomplish the purpose of their visit more efficiently. Members receive thorough training, including about the activities in the courthouse, available resources and the difference between legal information and advice.


JusticeCorps Fellow - Knox County

August 2019 Galesburg, IL
“I love being able to make someone's legal issue a little easier to understand and handle. The self-help we provide prepares them for their case/facing a judge, but its also very rewarding for us JusticeCorps Members. It's awesome having someone thank you profusely or go out of the way to say hi or wave to you the next time they visit the courthouse. It may be small instances of help, but we impacted their day or life enough to be remembered, and that's a fantastic feeling.”
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