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This isn’t a place to have “just” a job. This is the place to build a lifelong career; one that you’re proud of; one that grows you personally, professionally, and financially – all while making a difference in the lives of others. Since our inception in 2001, the company has grown to 60+ offices and over $4 billion in revenue. We know that if we put our people first, the business will follow. At Insight Global, we only promote from within, so everyone begins in the same place. You start as a Recruiter to learn the business from the ground up and work towards promotion in one of two sales paths: Account Management or Professional Recruiting.

New to staffing? That’s ok, we were too. From day one as an entry-level Recruiter, we give you a team of mentors to show you the ropes, provide context, tools, and give guidance every step of the way. You’ll be immersed into The IG Way, a training program built to not only teach how we operate, but also how to accelerate your career to your first promotion into Account Management or Professional Recruiting, as well as anywhere your path takes you in your career here. No matter what role you are in, we’ll partner with you to map out a journey based on your unique potential and passion.

The opportunities are endless, and we’ll partner with you to map out a journey based on your unique potential and passion. A career without limits begins with you.



June 2021 - July 2021 Boston, MA
“I enjoyed how hands-on my internship was at Insight Global. I was not running to pick up coffee or making copies; I was doing the work and making the connections just like any other first-year recruiter. I not only felt supported during my internship but motivated as well. The culture at Insight Global is unlike any other. Hardworking and caring individuals are what fuels this company's success. ”

Compliance intern

May 2021 - July 2021 Atlanta, GA
“I loved the experience of working with the team. Everyone was supportive and helpful.”
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