Jack Nadel International

Sales and Vendor Reations Intern

May - November 2019 • Los Angeles, CA

What I liked

This company is amazing you will be thrown into so many hands-on projects and will constantly be asked your opinion. At JNI they really value your input, even though you are just an intern. They will also reward for your hard work and give you consistent feedback to help you grow. I loved learning about an industry I had no idea even existed and constantly dealt hands on with new products, projects, clients, and vendors. At JNI, every day is different as you work in a dynamic and inclusive work environment. These people became a family to me and I know that JNI will always hold a place very close to my heart.

What I wish was different

Maybe a little more guidance on what is expected of me every day, but ultimately that is such a small matter. I really would not change much about this internship.


Definitely work hard and meet your deadlines! Be honest if you are confused about what is being asked of you and of course ask lots of questions! At JNI, they rather you ask and do something right than stay quiet and possibly miss a deadline which could ultimately affect a sale.
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