Jacobson's Seasonal Services


June 2019 • Milwaukee, WI

What I liked

The best word to describe Jacobson's Seasonal Services is fascists. The first break I received was after a full week on the job, 15 hours into overt-time. Bathroom breaks are literally discouraged, and the company policy is to strive for relentless speed and efficiency until a boiling point is reached having an employee relieve themselves in the backyard of a client. The slogan for the Jacobson's should be "we'll sure cut your grass and water it with a golden shower." This is single handedly the worst company I have had the displeasure of working for. I was fired illegally after no warning or indication of dissatisfaction from the employer. The communication is atrocious with both bosses being married quarreling relentlessly, taking it out on the employees commanding with an iron fist conflicting roles. There is nothing redeeming about working for this company.

What I wish was different


Never work here, you can do so much better than get treated less than human.
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