JBM Patrol & Protection Corp.

Security Guard

May 2016 • Apple Valley, MN

What I liked

Downturn in business in building materials retail market declines significantly late fall through early spring, leaving considerable time available for completing schoolwork—or filling out questionnaires as I am presently doing AT THIS VERY MOMENT!

What I wish was different

Well, the structure of this employment relationship as an employee of a third party independent contractor— JBM...this organizational arrangement creates significant diminishment of compensation from both actual wages, but to a much greater effect by way of benefit compensation. If I were a Menards employee I would have a higher wage, access to far better health benefits (currently the state provides my coverage) and access to profit sharing and other bonuses even discount on store purchases. There is some room for making an argument that the terms of this arrangement violate federal employment protections concerning the requisite conditions for outsourcing a direct employment position by making it independently contracted. I’m not sure if this was your intended response—I haven’t pursued legal remedy because I am satisfied thus far with the overall terms considering the peripheral advantages I am also afforded under these terms.


It’s important to work, and to know when an injustice does or does not rise to become a necessary conflict. Finding employment positions which may in some way help facilitate other pursuits such as academic can empower you to achieve your greatest potential.
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