What does the training program for a Student Brand Ambassador look like at Kaplan?

The training program for a SBA at Kaplan is very flexible! Training involves watching and engaging with online Kaplan modules, to familiarize yourself with Kaplan's offerings and understand how to prepare yourself for SBA responsibilities. In addition, there are frequent check-ins with your manag...
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What were the good and bad points of being a Student Brand Ambassador for Kaplan?

Truthfully I can not think of one thing I disliked about being an SBA. The SBA is an excellent program because you have the autonomy to customize your role. Have a busy school week with tests? You can work "lightly" on your SBA responsibilities and ramp up your SBA events the following week. In a...
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How does your day go as a Campus Marketing Rep for Kaplan?

First, we go through paid training, which involves communications with an assigned "mentor" and your manager as well as training modules and working on presentations. The job really starts once school starts, and the great part about it being a virtual job is that you are able to work whenever yo...
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How is the work-life balance at Kaplan, as a campus marketing represenative?

This is the perfect position for someone who has a packed academic schedule, multiple activities on campus that they have going on, or maybe even another internship at the same time. Also, everything that you do is on campus, so that makes life a lot easier. A plus is that you get to network on c...
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What is your average day as a Student Brand Ambassador for Kaplan?

A day in the life of a Student Brand Ambassador is that of a constant learner. Student Brand Ambassadors at Kaplan are expected to not only make new connections, talk to others regarding Kaplan and what we can offer, but also to give the most help that we can give to someone. While also being a s...
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How is work-life balance as a Student Brand Ambassador for Kaplan?

Being an SBA does not require a real big change in the work-life balance. We are required to work 5 hours a week, which include emails, video chats, club talks, sharing posts, talking to students, etc. It becomes accustomed to one's every day life, as all that you are doing is establishing new co...
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Does Kaplan have a mentorship for the student brand ambassadors? What does it look like?

Kaplan does offer a mentor ship program. When I was hired I was paired with a led SBA who I had google hangout conversations with, texted, and emailed with any questions I had. Throughout training we had about three "hangout" sessions where any questions I had were answered and my progress was ke...
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What is training for a Pre-College Teacher at Kaplan?

The Pre-College Teacher training program consists of three parts. The first part involves a training website which has 25 hours of content. This content includes videos and quizzes. The next part includes a shadowing related procedure in which the student teacher must attend a live class with and...
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What did you like and dislike about being a teacher at Kaplan?

Kaplan offers a lot of freedom to its teachers. This is both a good and a bad thing. The good includes the freedom to cater a lesson plan to what you deem is best for your students and the freedom to choose when and where you work. The bad is mostly the independence you get. Although Kaplan offer...
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What are some tips you might have on leveraging a better job offer/salary at Kaplan?

You are not really able to negotiate your salary or job offer as Kaplan is a deeply regulated brand. You are given the ability to expand the courses you teach such as SAT/ACT/PSAT, but your pay will always be standardized. Your hours are entirely dictated by a Kaplan included manual which you mus...
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