Kassouf & Co.

Accounting Intern

June - July 2019 • Birmingham, AL

What I liked

I loved my co-workers. Everyone from directors to associates is very kind and professional. I worked with another intern who split tasks with me. I learned about QuickBooks and got certified in it. Kassouf made time for me to prepare for the LSAT, which I took over the summer. Each of the tasks I received was straight forward. I gained valuable insight into 401k's and insurance. I helped register doctors to profit sharing and 401k plans. I'd occasionally go to compensated company lunches. The pay was awesome. Kassouf did not ask me to do anything I could not do as a Finance/Econ major. I got to participate in Kassouf's basketball team for the summer!

What I wish was different

I truly enjoyed my internship. Seeing as accounting firms are typically less busy during the summer, there's not always work to do. There also was no major project, but then again, it would not have been practical.


It's truly an extraordinary experience. I feel that many people jump after internships based on name and outside reputation alone. Kassouf has been voted as one of the best accounting firms to work for. I genuinely believe anyone interested in CPA work should give this internship and company a try. They like to hire successful interns too!
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