Kate Arnold Wines

About Kate Arnold Wines

Established in 2017, Kate Arnold Wines is dedicated to crafting exceptional wines that reflect our meticulous vineyard sourcing. As a family-owned business, we strive to earn the trust of consumers by sourcing the finest grapes and maintaining a hands-on approach to winemaking with minimal intervention. Kate Arnold Wines is sold through locally-owned distributors primarily to independently-owned restaurateurs and retailers.

Founded by Kate and Jean Arnold, we strive to earn loyalty from both our customers and our distributors through our passion for quality wines, propelling us to stand out in a competitive market. From humble beginnings, we continue to invest in our company with distribution in over 25 states with wine that ranges in production from a few barrels to several thousand cases.

At Kate Arnold Wines, student employees have the chance to gain comprehensive knowledge in small business management. With guidance from a 30-year industry expert, each employee will delve into various aspects of business and marketing. This hands-on experience will provide valuable insights and practical knowledge that can be applied in a broader business context.

Our management team at Kate Arnold Wines wants to make this a great and productive experience for you. We offer a great environment to work in with a chance to build your practical experience. As a small and growing business, we are keen to work with people with the same entrepreneurial spirit. Our employees are flexible, up for a challenge, and always willing to learn from their mistakes.


Marketing Intern

February 2023 Athens, GA
“Kate Arnold Wines is an experience like no other. Not only have I been able to develop my marketing and business skills in many different ways, Jean pushes me to go out of my comfort zone. Jean cares deeply for every one of his employees and wants them to have the best experience working here. He takes time to get to know each of his interns and helps them grow in their careers well as a person. At Kate Arnold Wines, you will not only work on your own projects but also collaborate with other interns constantly. Many of the projects overlap with several tasks, which is also a great learning experience in itself. Jean provides a friendly, upbeat, hardworking, and flexible work environment. I have deeply enjoyed my time at Kate Arnold Wines, and cannot wait to see how this year goes!”

Data Analytics Intern

January 2023 Athens, GA
“What I love most about Kate Arnold Wines was the amount of knowledge and experience I gained working here. Since it is a small company, you are able to get copious amounts of one-on-one learning with Jean, the owner of the company. You feel like an important aspect of the company, because you are! Your thoughts and opinions are listened to, and the work environment is peaceful and fun.”
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