Kennedy Krieger Institute

About Kennedy Krieger Institute

Our Mission
To transform the lives of children with disorders of the brain through groundbreaking research, innovative treatments, and life-changing education.

Our Vision
Discoveries of how the brain develops and functions are occurring at an accelerating pace. The Kennedy Krieger Institute leads the way in translating these scientific advances into new therapies and educational interventions, while providing an inspirational environment for training tomorrow’s leaders in the field. These successes benefit millions of children and families around the world.

Our Values
We recruit the most talented and compassionate clinicians, scientists, and educators to provide the best care and family support. Our approach is child-family centered and interdisciplinary, to ensure that children with conditions affecting the nervous system have access to all the resources they need—treatments, education, and community programs to achieve ever better outcomes.


Clinical Assistant

June 2021 - August 2021 Baltimore, MD
“Great benefits”

CFT Intern

May 2019 - December 2019 Baltimore, MD
“I loved the staff! They were so helpful and explained everything to me so I could understand what they needed help with. They also taught me many therapeutic skills that will help me in my future as a clinical psychologist.”
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