Kennedy Swim School

Will soon be interviewed for a swim instructor position at Kennedy Swim School, what should I be expecting?

The “interview” is super lowkey and nothing to be nervous about. It was mainly to gage if you liked kids and if you were willing to learn the method of teaching. He also asked standard questions like passed experience, CPR certified or not (don’t worry it’s not mandatory), and availability. He’s ...
Interview Swim Instructor Kennedy Swim School
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What could a typical day look like for a swim instructor at Kennedy Swim School ?

Usually you get there and check in with Pete who is a super funny and nice guy. The system for assigning kids is a little weird but you tend to have the same ones every week so you really get to know them well. I loved hearing about their days and I’d like to think some of them were excited to se...
Day in the Life Swim Instructor Kennedy Swim School
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