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Best tips on how I can market myself to a Kepler Group recruiter who will be at my school's career fair?

Know your strengths, and relate them to the role you're applying to at Kepler. It often does not matter how much advertising experience you have, but rather how you can tie together what you've done so far (ie projects, internships, psychology, critical thinking ability) to the job at Kepler. The...
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How would you describe the role of a Client Solutions Analyst at Kepler Group?

Project management, learn how to converse and manage clients, learn the basics of digital advertising, develop strategic thought and initiatives, after a while teach and train other new CSAs at Kepler. They're the center spoke of the wheel at Kepler.
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What's Kepler's culture like? Is it similar to what one would expect at any other agency?

Open, transparent, and a company that really cares about its employees. You definitely get out what you put in, and Kepler does a good job of noticing what you put in. People are relaxed, supportive across teams, and enthusiastic about making the company a great place to work, always.
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