La Casita Mexican Restaurant


September 2017 • Roseville, MN

What I liked

I enjoyed not having to work so much this summer and having the time to wrap up my volunteering hours and really taking time to myself to be able to refocus my four year plan to what I wanted to accomplish during the academic year of 2018-2019 and what sort of industry and companies most appealed to my personal interest. This was a very flexible and convenient job to have because it was quick easy money and tips really help and this allowed me to enjoy my last summer before getting more serious about where I wanted to drive towards in my career and take much time to myself to reflect and learn to be patient with myself and not feel bad for not interning.

What I wish was different

I wish I would off worked a little more but I enjoyed my summer so there are always pros and cons to that.


I would say that it is a good job for college students to have to make money but also if you want to do more your summer take up an unpaid internship or research as this strengthens your resume and it is less stressful to do this during the summer rather than during the academic year.
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