La Familia Cortez Restaurants

Restaurant Server

October 2019 • San Antonio, TX

What I liked

I loved the display of teamwork among everyone. Even if I had too many tables and not enough hands, I could ask a fellow server, food runner, bartender, bakery clerk, or even the manager to help me catch up. I find that especially important on busy days and there is a birthday being celebrated, all the servers will come together to sing and wish happy birthday to the customer.

What I wish was different

The only thing I wish could have been different this summer is obviously COVID-19 affecting the restaurant. COVID greatly impacted the foot traffic, items on the menu, reduced staff, and the normalcy of daily life. So if we can wish for things to have been different, then perhaps life without pandemics would be my wish.


Be assertive, confident, and excited each day you go to work because in my experience you never who you might meet or what you'll get to learn that day from people of all walks of life that visit the popular restaurant.
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