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About LaBrunerie Financial

Located in Columbia, Missouri, we specialize in providing financial planning services and investment advice to individuals and families. We also provide a variety of financial retirement plans and educational programs for employers, groups, and organizations.

Currently, our firm is looking to fill 1-2 positions. These positions will be engaging in tasks such as financial analysis, marketing strategies, customer service, etc. If you are interested in possibly working at our firm, please message us on HandShake or email us at



October 2019 Columbia, MO
“I liked how my job had flexibility. I worked there part-time while attending class and they were really accommodating about exams and class time. They have moved me around a bit in the firm so my job is always changing and always something new to learn, which as a student I think it's important to get that round experience to see what I actually enjoy doing. I also was able to get paid during quarantine for not even working since I had to leave Columbia. Overall, very good place to work with great experience in Finance.”
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