About LakewoodAlive

LakewoodAlive is a community-centered nonprofit organization in Lakewood, Ohio. We seek to foster and sustain vibrant neighborhoods in Lakewood through:

-Administering a Housing Outreach Program ensuring every Lakewood resident lives in healthy and safe housing
-Hosting large-scale community events that draw more than 50,000 people Lakewood
-Pursuing community development initiatives including public art and beautification
-Operating a Small Business Support Program

Fostering and sustaining vibrant neighborhoods is at the heart of all we do at LakewoodAlive. For us, a neighborhood connects the people and places we care about – from our neighbors on our street to the corner businesses we love. We work with residents to sustain Lakewood homes; we promote our thriving business districts; and we host large-scale community events that bring Lakewood residents and businesses together. At LakewoodAlive, we work to build new and stronger connections in everything we do.


Marketing Intern

May 2019 - August 2019 Lakewood, OH
“I was able to experience a lot of difference roles within the marketing department. I went from content creation and posting on social media to data collection and analysis, and then to interaction with clients and business partners. I learned a lot and got to try everything. ”
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