Human Resources & IT Intern

June - August 2019 • Metairie, LA

What I liked

I worked for LAMMICO for two summers as an intern for their HR department. In the summer of 2017 I worked as a file clerk for the department, and in 2019 I was brought back to manage a project for the same HR department. This project involved learning a new software in order to make it more accessible to their department staff. I chose to dive deep into the project and ended up manufacturing an instruction manual for the software. Using that detailed manual along with understanding the somewhat nuanced program, I was able to help a department known for being not tech savvy learn how to use a new online media program. As a result of my work in HR, I was reassigned to work in the IT department to help reimage company laptops for the end of the summer. I really enjoyed being challenged multiple times while being an intern at LAMMMICO, and am especially proud of my work in their HR department in 2019.

What I wish was different

I do wish I would have had a bit more direction at LAMMICO. Alternatively I do also think it is important to understand that as an intern your job is to learn but that does not always require explicit instruction and lecturing. Asking for instruction is important, but effectively filling in details that a supperior leaves out cane be good in some situations.


Don’t be afraid to get vulnerable. I don’t mean tell your boss all your secrets, but more that one should try to not be afraid of failure at an internship. Take the leap of faith with your work and words even if it may not work out.
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