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Imagine a world where technology recycles waste carbon emissions and makes new products, cleaning our air and giving carbon a second chance.

That world exists today with LanzaTech.


Product Engineer

May 2023 - August 2023 Skokie, IL
“Lanzatech provides a work environment full of collaboration and room for advancement. It includes working out, reviewing with team members, and collaborating with other teams. During this summer, our team started some work outside the old scope. We have obtained relevant training, and there are enough items as a cross reference, which makes the learning progress can be significantly improved. Some examples include, I participated in the design of the TEA when clients in Europe consulted on our projects. For industry-related background information, I have also researched and made reports, including research on the development of Waste-To-Electricity in Vietnam and the development and commercialization progress of green hydrogen and electrolyzed water technology in Europe. Overall, our company and team have made significant progress in waste gas recovery and alcohol production.”
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