Software Engineer Intern (official title though I acted as a Data Analyst Intern)

June - August 2019 • Long Beach, CA

What I liked

I really enjoyed the people at Laserfiche. Everyone was really nice and welcoming. There are also a lot of Mudd alumni so it's a great opportunity to network and connect with people. I personally worked directly under Karl (HMC alumni and VP of Laserfiche), and he was a great mentor! I felt like he not only provided professional advice but advice pertinent to life at Mudd as well. Additionally, the company has employees with diverse backgrounds and ages, so working there provides the opportunity to gain experience working with other people who may be quite different from you. Laserfiche also has a lot of fun clubs that meet outside of the workplace, which is another way to connect with people.

What I wish was different

Although I really enjoyed working with Karl, he was busy frequently with various other responsibilities and meetings so sometimes it felt like I was working on solitary projects. Also, the team I was working with was fairly young and new (still developing) so I didn't really get to work on the same projects as the other employees on the team. The other people on the team were still super helpful and great mentors. Sometimes it just felt a little lonely or that I didn't get much experience doing collaborative work.


This is a great place to gain experience working at a small company and create impactful work, especially if you have not done an internship before.
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