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Change the healthcare and software landscape and come join our fast growing venture and growth-stage investment firm. Founded by veterans of renowned investment firms with considerable operational experience, our Boston-based firm seeks to invest in high-potential companies in the software, healthcare, and services sectors throughout North America. With over $750M under management, the M33 Growth team fuels a fast-growing venture and growth-stage strategy in which we partner with founders and CEOs who have successfully bootstrapped their companies to strong growth and are positioned to rapidly scale their companies and break through as market leaders. We tap into our deep experience as operators and investors to help our companies achieve their growth potential by building sales and marketing engines, supplementing teams with top talent, and executing complementary acquisitions.



September 2018 Boston, MA
“Excellent team, interesting workload, location, steep learning curve (positive if the goal is to learn the nuts & bolts of growth equity investing)”

Summer Analyst

June 2020 - August 2020 Boston, MA
“The M33 internship experience is perfect for any student who wants to enter into a full time role in private equity or venture capital. Most venture capital firms treat their interns as just that, an intern. At M33, you are treated as a full-time analyst and are responsible for the same workload. For example, many VC internship programs give you the chance to sit in and listen to calls with CEOs that are conducted by the team's analysts and associates. At M33, you conduct these calls completely on your own; building relationships with CEOs is probably the most important part of the job. Reviewing hundreds of companies throughout the summer and speaking with dozens of founders gives you a great skill-set and allows you to quickly identify those targets that present higher priority targets for your team. M33 is a great team. Who you work with can make or break you internship experience. The analyst team actively reaches out to help throughout the summer, and senior members and partners are just as easy to speak to. The team genuinely cares about your career development, and will actively work to help you to achieve your goals, whether that be in venture capital or some other area. (personally, I wanted to find a similar VC role after finishing my summer internship and the M33 team actively helped me in my job search until I found a full-time role)”
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