Madison County VA Public Schools

About Madison County VA Public Schools

In all, Madison is known not so much by “schools” as by educational families – students surrounded by caring, thoughtful staff, parents and community members who expect graduates to have earned a top-notch education. Students attend Virginia and the nation’s top schools and enter the workforce exceptionally well prepared. This great feat is accomplished by caring communities centered on what we call “Madison Pride” – the drive to provide children an absolutely remarkable education and a plethora of opportunities. Madison County boasts preeminent countryside - mountain life and flatlands, rich with agriculture, viniculture, forestry, and pastureland.

Madison County Public Schools are committed to excellence and have high expectations for our students. Approximately 1,811 students attend two elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. The PK-12 curriculum is designed to help students acquire the academic and social skills necessary to become productive citizens.


Teacher Candidate/ Student Teacher (next semester)

August 2017 Danielsville, GA
“The social and academic temperature of the school is very positive! The administrative team, teachers, and staff members are all very supportive of the students and invested in their lives in and outside of school. ”
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